• Itinerary #4
  • The group will leave for Raton, NM on Tuesday July 2.
  • The group will arrive at Philmont on Wednesday July 3.
  • The group will return to Flower Mound on July 15.
  • Information on Forest Fires in Philmont area.Click this link

Itinerary for 2013 Philmont Expedition



mid Oct 2011

Philmont emails registration packets to units.

Nov 2011

Units use web-based tool to make reservation requests at Philmont.

Feb 29, 2012

DONE** Reservation fee of $100 per participant due at Philmont.

Oct 01, 2012

Payment of $335 per participant due at Philmont.

Mar 01, 2013

Final payment of $335 per participant due at Philmont.

Apr 03, 2013

Itinerary selection on line.

** The adventure begins. Itinerary #4 chosen. Description: Challenging - 71 miles **

May 2

Submit tour permit for approval.

July 2

Leave for Philmont, stay overnight in armory near Raton, NM.

July 3

(1) Arrive at Philmont, Opening campfire.

July 4

(2) Old Abreau - Ranger Training; Trail Camp.

July 5

(3) Crags - Search & Rescue, Wilderness Medicine @ Carson Meadows; Trail Camp.

July 6

(4) Beaubien - Tour Wait Philips Fishing Lodge @ Fish Camp; Western Lore, Branding, Horse Rides.

July 7

(5) Beaubien - Side Hike Trail Peak, Chuckwagon Dinner, Cowboy Campfire, Conservation.

July 8

(6) Red Hills - Hike beautiful Bonito Peak; Trail Camp.

July 9

(7) Black Mountain - Hike the "High Line" over Mt. Philips, Comanche Peak, Big Red, & Black Mountain; Post Civil War Settlers, Blacksmithing, Black Powder Rifles.

July 10

(8) Cyphers Mine - Gold Mining & Panning, The Stomp Evening Entertainment.

July 11

(9) Cimarroncito - Rock Climbing and Rappelling.

July 12

(10) Cimarroncito - Side Hike Hidden Valley & Window Rock, Tour Waite Philips Hunting Lodge.

July 13

(11) Upper Clarks Fork - Visit Demonstration Forest, Trail Camp.

July 14

(12) Base - Climb Tooth of Time, Hike in via Tooth Ridge Trail; Awards Campfire.

July 15

Depart from Philmont.

Please note, 2013 Philmont youth participants must be 14 years of age OR have completed the eighth grade and be at least 13 prior to participation.   Also, each crew (7-12 participants) must have a majority of youth and is limited to a maximum of four (4) adults over 21 years of age. No crew of  fewer than 7 or greater than 12 will be allowed.


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  • Philmont's "Council & Unit Planning Guide"

Council & Unit Planning Guide

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Guidebook to Adventure

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Itinerary #4

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Itinerary #4