The Clothing Closet is something that the troop does to help parents defray the cost of Boy Scout uniforms by recycling the other Scout's old ones, while helping the troop earn a little extra money. When a Scout outgrows his pants, shorts, shirts, Scout T-shirts, hiking boots, or any other paraphernalia, parents may donate these items to the troop. In turn, the troop will put a small price on it and try to sell these items to other members of the troop. This is an excellent way to add secondary uniform pieces to your son's wardrobe. It is especially good when summer camp rolls around to have multiple uniforms and activity shirts.

Please feel free to donate anything you can. You'd be surprised when a pair of pants with worn out knees are bought, cut off and made into shorts, or when an old, outgrown, grungy, Super Troop T‑shirt can be added as a secondary shirt for those messy summer camps!

See the list below (updated May 3, 2015) or click this link to Clothing Closet Inventory to download the Clothing Closet Inventory.

Contact Darcie for information.

I believe in Scouting value - bracelet$0.5019
Class A - Long Sleeve Shirt14$8.001
Class A - Long Sleeve ShirtAdult L$8.001
Class A - Long Sleeve ShirtAdult XL$8.003
Class A - Short Sleeve Shirt12$5.001
Class A - Short Sleeve Shirt16$5.002
Class A - Short Sleeve ShirtAdult XL$5.001
Class A - Short Sleeve ShirtYouth L$5.001
Class A - Short Sleeve ShirtYouth M$5.001
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtL$15.005
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtM$15.004
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtS$15.007
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtXL$15.003
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtXXL$15.002
Class B - Long Sleeve ShirtYouth L$15.006
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtL$10.002
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtM$10.006
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtS$10.004
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtXL$10.005
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtXXL$12.002
Class B - Short Sleeve ShirtYouth L$10.007
Day Camp - Medieval Times ShirtS$2.002
Good Turn Key Ring$2.001
Hiking Boots7$10.001
Hiking Boots8.5$10.001
Hiking Boots9$10.002
Hiking Boots9.5$10.002
Hiking Boots10$10.002
Hiking Boots11.5$10.001
On My Honor Pin$1.002
Paddle the Brazos - Canoe ShirtS$2.001
Paddle the Brazos hat$3.002
Patches - Green Troop 123$2.254
Patches - Red Troop 123$1.504
Patches - Silver Streak$1.007
Philmont Belt with Buckle34$20.001
Scout Ankle Socks$1.001
Scout Long Socks$1.001
Scout Pants26 (waist)$5.001
Scout Pants27 (waist)$5.004
Scout Pants30 (waist)$5.001
Scout PantsXL 30 (waist)$5.002
Scout PantsXXL 34 (waist)$5.001
Scout PantsM Youth$5.002
Scout Shorts14$5.001
Scout Shorts26 (waist)$5.001
Scout Shorts27 (waist)$5.003
Scout Shorts28 (waist)$5.003
Scout Shorts30 (waist)$5.004
Scout Shorts31 (waist)$5.001
Scout Shorts40 (waist)$5.003
Scout Shorts42 (waist)$5.001
Scout ShortsAdult S$5.002
Scout ShortsLadies S$5.001
Scout Shortsunknown$5.003
Scout Web Belt$1.004
Troop 123 Shirt2XL$2.001
Troop 123 ShirtL$2.002
Troop 123 ShirtS$2.006
Troop 123 Shirt (long sleeve)L$3.001
Troop 123 Shirt (long sleeve)XL$3.003
Troop 123 Shirt (long sleeve)Youth L$3.001


Last modified on May 04, 2015


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